A super food for a super you...

When it comes to a salad leaf that is truly good for you, look no further than watercress.

Bursting with vitamins and minerals, this peppery little leaf is one of our natural superfoods – and tastes great too.

Pile it into sandwiches, toss into salads, use it to make a wonderful watercress soup or watercress sauce, wilt into pastas or stir fries, it’s incredibly versatile – but don’t just leave it to languish on the side of the plate as a garnish!

Watercress Triumphs as Top ‘Powerhouse’ Food

Researchers at the William Paterson University, US, tested 47 fruit and vegetables for 17 qualifying nutrients in a bid to find the overall superfood. Watercress triumphed with a top score of 100 for having the highest nutritional value per gram for fibre, calcium, potassium and vitamins. Read more